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Here are the pictures of the cabin progress.  I now have them all in chronological order, starting with the empty lot in Duck Creek when we were first looking to buy.

At the end of the page, is a link to the next page of progress:  Cabin Progress 2005
The you can go to Cabin Progress 2006 and Cabin Progress 2007

Pictures from out lot hunting excursion to Cedar Mountain, May of '03

Realtor's picture of our(?) lot


My pictures of our lot:


Looking out from the back of the lot.


Proof there are wild animals there.


Same place, with a lot of snow. February 2005.

Jackie pointing at our lot

Me with the lot number carved in the snowbank

Looking down the road

Our lot from the back of the truck

Lot number

Road sign at the intersection

Looking off the second floor balcony of the motel


Trail going down the road

A little snow on the roof?

10 foot basketball standard

And swing set

The Duck Creek meadow

Down the highway


Again, purdy

And more purdy

One more.