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Vacation '09

As you may have heard, Jackie and I took a cruise to Alaska.  We flew to Seattle, took a puddle-jumper to Vancouver, then a 7 day cruise from Vancouver to Seward with ports of call in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Icy Point Strait, then Seward.  We floated in to Hubbard Glacier for a close look but of course, didn't get off the boat.

To start with, here are a few pics of the boat.  Notice all the windows on the thing.  Great for seeing stuff during nasty weather:

As is usual on cruises, the stateroom attendants make cutesy little critters out of the towels every evening:

On the way to Seattle, I snapped a pic out the airplane window of one of the mountains nearby:

Here is the most drab Vancouver skyline.  Their architects need a little schoolin' on originality:

A lighthouse near Vancouver:

Some sort of sulphur plant near Vancouver:

The 'big' city of Ketchikan:

The beginning of the whale watching tour in Juneau:

Some seals:

Humpback pics:

The whale watching tour was most spiffy.  These pictures don't so it justice, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Next we go to Skagway, which is where most of the old time gold rush miners started their trek across the 'Golden Staircase' into the interior of Alaska and Canada.  This is near the top of the pass:

On the Alaska-Canada border:

The town of Skagway:

A snowblower they use to clear the snow from the railroad tracks:

Now on to Icy Straight Point near the town of Hoonah.  This is an old fish processing plant and cannery:

The sub-tropic rainforest woods near the cannery, with your gracious host:

And his bride:

Later, we took an ATV tour into the grizzly ridden mountains.  These are scratches on the trees from the bears:

The bay from up on the mountains:

Near the top:

Now on to Hubbard Glacier:

A river coming out from under the glacier:

This chunk of ice near the boat was about half the size of a car:

We got to see some calving:

On to Seward:

At the wildlife rescue center:


On to a harbor tour:

The army had some bunkers set up to guard the harbor back in WWII:

Mama and her baby otter:

There IS an eagle there ...:

The army used this cable to transport people and supplies to the bunkers up top:

Another eagle:

A puffin:

Now back in Seattle on the way home:

The "Underground":

'Skylights' for the Underground:

Skylight from below:

We were walking around the original first floor of this building:

Mount St. Helens from the airplane: