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Thanksgiving 2004.

Here are some pictures from Turkey Day at Art & Luella's.

Of course, Tizzy is on the phone.

James' 40th b'day party:

A group(?) shot:

James the birthday boy:


Kim and Cory:

Thronton in a mood:

Coffin Cake:

This is the bird we should have et:


More winter.

On to Little Sahara:

Deb and Jackie tearing up the desert.

Deb and Jackie getting ready to go for a G-ride:

That's Deb and Jackie at the top o' the hill:

Now at the bottom:

Back to the top (poof of dust on the top left):

Your gracious host and his lovely wife:

Where does the hay go?

Jackie and Deb riding the ridge just above the bowl.


Git 'er done!


My turn.

The will is up to date.

Another herd of turkeys

A cool looking beaver dam.

Snow? Here?