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Here are a bunch of pictures from the vacation we took to Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Red Canyon, Valley of Fire, ...

So we get up early to see the sunrise at Bryce Canyon.
Well, we got there plenty early. 

Anyway, here is a picture of "Limber Tree" from Sunrise Point. 
Note how it still hangs on even though the ground has eroded away from its roots:

Here is a (shakey) shot of Venus a while before sunrise:

The "Amphitheatre" at dawn:

The sun is on its way:

Here comes the sun...:

The "Amphitheatre" after sunrise, from Sunrise Point:

Looking from Sunset Point over the Amphitheatre, with Sunrise point top left:

Little trail on top:

More hoodoos:

Inspiration Point is the high point on the upper right:

More hoodoos:

Matt and Michael on the trail:

"Thor's Hammer":

Our traveling companions:

The whole gang:

On our way back to the hotel through Red Canyon:

On our way back home through Zion Canyon:

Matt scaling the rock:

Buds?  Or just tolerating each other?

We stopped to visit and feed the animals.  First, the elk:

The buffalo decided it was lunch time too:

And the Watusi:

Ever done that?  Accidently shot yourself in the face:

No on to Valley of Fire.
First, the petrified tree:


River of sand:


Plant growing out of the rock:

Lots of indian writings:

Fun with light settings: