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The great Sewing Machine project.

It was supposed to just be a project.  But what a project it turned out to be.  The poor thing had been left out in the weather for years, and all the cabinets had to be pretty much rebuilt from scratch.  At least I had some portions of it left to use as patterns.

So, here are some pictures of what it should look like, taken by someone who is auctioning this one off on eBay:


When I received the machine, this is what it looked like.  One cabinet with all three drawers, two more drawers in the pizza box.  The top is mostly rotted, but luckily enough, it somewhat protected the works from the weather.


Eventually, I got it all back together:

These are the new cabinet, drawer and locks I had make from scratch.

And the middle drawer had to be remade.



Serial #G8798486.  In case you care.  (According to this web site on about.com, it was made between 1921 and 1923.)