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Reunion Recap '06

This year's reunion was held from Friday, June 30th, through Sunday, July 2nd.  However, some arrived a day early, and some also stayed a day later.
It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see everyone again.  Too bad there were so many unable to attend, but that's just the way it is sometimes.  Hopefully, you folks that couldn't make it this year will be able to next year.

But just so you know, UNCLE DAVE WON THE QUILT THIS YEAR!!!  WOOHOO!!! 
Finally, after all these (how many, 15 or so?) years, I finally won the quilt.  Many thanks to Luella and everyone who helped her make it.  It is a beautiful project.
So, on with pictures!

Saturday, July 1st.
Us Las Vegans were in charge of breakfast Saturday morning:

Chris just knows thre is some food around here somewhere.

On up to Wrigley Springs reservoir for a little fishing saturday morning:

Rich and Jim on the prowl:

We had to pause to let some lightning pass by:

One of the cradles I made.  This one I gave to Tizzy.

Setting up all the goods for the Chinese auction

And did I mention UNCLE DAVE WON THE QUILT THIS YEAR!!!  WOOHOO!!!  And that is the other cradle I made to be auctioned off.

Ma and Arlene Grant getting a little play time in before the auction

Brandi and Josh even made it this year!

Donna is the proud winner of the cradle

And here is the quilt all unfurled.  And did I mention UNCLE DAVE WON THE QUILT THIS YEAR!!! 

The theme this year was "Hawaiian Luau"

Picture time

Brandi, Jackie and Barb just can't seem to sit still:

Chris and Lisa chillin'

I couldn't get Deb to look at me

But Jacie would:

Awwwww.  Ain't that a picture?

"And if you don't behave yourselves, you'll end up like him."

The hula hoop games:

Lisa demonstrating the hula dance:

Watch the movies of the hula dance training session!  (They are rather large though, so if you have dial-up, you should start it before you  go to work and watch it when you come home.)

If you have Macromedia Flash 8.0 or higher, you can use these links to see the movies:
First clip  (~10.1 megabytes)
Second clip  (~11.3 megabytes)

If not, you can either update Flash by going here, or just use these links:
Click here to watch 'Hula1' (~10.1 megabytes)
Click here to watch 'Hula2' (~11.3 megabytes)

Sunday, July 2nd.
Sunday we went exploring out on the desert.  To the pictograph panel (see the pictures on the Reunion 2005 page), the dinosaur footprint, and The Wedge.

Here is a sandstone formation in the middle of nowhere with a storm kicking up in the distance:

Here is a storm a' brewin' in the direction we're headed.  But it did make the desert cooler.

The view from the rim of The Wedge Overlook:

Zoomed in to the bottom:

Zebras?  In Castledale?

And a couple Oreo cows

"Dalai" (yes, that is her name) llama

Some baby peacocks at Mark and Tizzy's

Here are the mama peacocks

Just keeping an eye on things

And a Bambi in Mark's field:

Jackie trying to feed the watusi:

Monday, July 3rd.

Time to head home.  But first, we need to swing by the indian writings on what is known as "The Moore Panel". 

Hiking to the Moore panel:

The Moore panel:

Videos hosted by Putfile and by Photobucket.