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Reunion Recp '05

Another fine reunion the weekend of July 15th-17th.  At least, that's when I was there.  Some stayed for an extra day.

We got there thursday night and stayed at the Castledale Village Inn Spa and Resort. 
Friday morning, "Hello's" were said, and I had permission to go fishing.  Rich, Jim and Randy had already left, so Mike and I joined them at Potter's Ponds. 
Fishing was great there.  Not too many people, and lots of fish.  We caught a bunch but only kept a few.

Back to town to go golfing.  Art, Carl, Mike, Austin, Charles, Mike and I went to Millsite for 9 holes.  Lots of fun there too. 
No pictures though.  Use your imagination.

Later was supper at Ma's house.  Art's gang was in charge and of course, it was yummy.

Saturday morning, Mark H. took some folks on a 4-wheeler excursion up Reeder canyon by Joe's Valley. 
Jackie, Barb, Keith, Donna and I went out to the desert to see the diosaur footprint, the petroglyph panel, and the wedge. 

Saturday afternoon, it's our turn for a 4-wheeler tour from Mark H.  up Reeder Canyon.
Let's see.  Who all went.  Jackie and I, Mike, Austin and Jacie Johnson, and Mark H.

Window Blind Butte from the mountains.

Bambi watched us go by.

Grassy lake.
If you look real close, halfway from the water to the trees up that little draw about 1/4 of the way over from the right, you can see a little white butt.

Now go look again.

Grassy lake.

So now it's saturday evening, and since no one volunteered for a talent, Patricia and Deb decided they would make everyone do a charade.
I'll list the ones I remember, but sorry.  I can't remember them all.  Maybe if someone else can tell me I can add them in.

Art gets to do Madonna.

Ma rides the rollercoaster.

Chirs is an alarm clock.

Kim shows his removable finger.

Jackie does...well....me, while Lisa looks on in horror.

Charles is deer in the headlights.

Tizzy taking a picture of Dave taking a picture of Tizzy....

The crowd - right half

The crowd - left half

After the charades came the auction. 

Mike got the quilt this year and we were able to raise over $460 dollars for expenses.  Good going!

Sunday, some folks stuck around and did some more fishing.  The rest of us shuffled off home.
Hope to see y'all next year!