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Ma's 85th Birthday

Here are some pictures from the gathering we had for Ma on Saturday March 4th.
Yes, I know.  "Took you long enough to get them loaded, didn't it?"
Well, tough.  They're here now.

Anyway, she really appreciated having us all there, and I'm sure we all enjoyed being there too.

To start with, here's the announcement from the Emery County Progess:

Time for food:

Some even drove all the way from Star Valley:

The 3 ?'s:

A rare picture of Tizzy.  Her mouth is closed.  :)

Twiddle Dee and Twiddle er, I mean, well, you know:

Let me look into your eyes:


Let me tell you something:

Hey look!  A flying saucer!!


Looks like rain.  Good thing he's wearing an umbrella.

Guest of honor:

The Motley Crew: