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Lehman Caves.

Here's some pictures of Lehman Caves.  A great cavern tour in the Great Basin National Park, by Baker Nevada.  (Close to Ely.)

Now, keep in mind you're looking at these with a browser.  The browser just don't do these pictures justice.  If you see on you like, save it off somewhere (download) and take another look at it.  They are really much clearer in an editor of some sort.

Some cool "columns".  Where stalactites and stalagmites have joined.

Notice in the top center.  How the helictite formation is growing out from the sides of the stalactite.

An igloo?  Cave popcorn (aragonite) on flowstone..

This column is about 20'+ tall.

The beginnings of cave bacon.


Land of "The Hobbit".

Drapery, column with helictites.  Helictites grow at any angle.  Note the formations on the left of the column.

A cool scallop.

Looking straight up (almost.) at a stalactite.

Draperies and soda straws.

The camera got a cave kiss, but I didn't.

A crystal clear pool of water.

The Inscription Room.  Note the graffitti on the roof written with candle smoke.

A bunch of soda straws.

The slide where pranksters would hide and scare innocents.

Well, we are close to Area 52.

The original floor level, before cutting trails.

Yes, the camera is level.