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Ice Fishing '08

Once again, a good time was had by all on the annual fishing trip to Millsite reservoir.

Of course, it was a little chilly - pushing about 5 degrees with some clouds hanging around, but the sun came out and it turned out to be a good weekend. 

Of course, someone had to go swimming and this year ir was Rich.  Here's his swimming hole:

Luckily, he hopped right out again and only got wet up to his thighs.  and he dried out fairly quick with the sun and the heaters out:

That's my size 10 next to my first fish.  You can't tell, but the heel is even with his nose:

Quite a few decent sized fish were caught, and quite a few smaller ones:

There's the gang.  From left to right:  Rich, Randy, Art, Keith, Jared, James, Josh, Charles.

Charles having fun drilling a hole:

Mark H. brought the grandkids up:

And we had the company of a bird ("Blue Heron"), we finally decided was waiting for lunch:

Josh trying to get his shit together:

James caught the trophy fish - about 4-5 pounds, after sacrificing one rod to the Godess of the Lake. 
Yes, a fish dragged it in when he wasn't looking, but the sacrificed paid off:

The heron comes closer:

We decide to throw him some lunch:

He savors every morsel:

...in about 10 seconds:

Randy's "Self-Setting" rig:

The Sunday gang:  Dave, Josh, Rich, Randy:

Randy gets out the underwater camera to see if he can find James' sacrificed rod:

Here's a movie of the bottom of the lake:

Alas, it couldn't be saved.

Charles concentrating:

Rich and Randy:

Well, that's about it. 
Maybe we'll see you next year!