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Ice Fishing 2007

So here we are again, Millsite Reservoir up Ferron canyon.  We tried to go to Otter creek, but the snow was coming down so hard we had to turn back.  Visibility was about 100 yards.
Not much snow coming down on Millsite, and not much wind.  Lots of fish caught, so it was well worth it.

Friday, January 12th

First off, here is a shot of the moutains to the south:

Mike anxious to land a lunker:

Trig doing some knitting, I believe:

Josh in action.  Note that my truck isn't parked up there:

Because Mark H. had to go change after trying to go for a swin here:

Only one foot broke trhough so he didn't get too wet, but definitely wet enough in these temps.

Live action shot of Mike's catch:

And another of Trig:

Almost limited out here:

Mark makes it back and is ready to roar with two poles:

Dave admiring the catch:

A bit of snow moving in:

The view to the east:

A little closer:

A lot closer:

Saturday the 13th
So now we're back again.  -15 when we left the motel, -10 when we got to the lake. 

Here's James and Keith getting set up:

Keith supervising Art's work, with Carl already at it:

Carl and Josh:

Lisa even caught a nice one out there!  Not bad for a girl:

Trig and Mike deciding on bait:

Another decent critter from Trig:

The gang, and some other folks we didn't know scattered around:

Another live action shot from Mike:

Some of saturday's catch.  (Nice cutthroat Dave):

A nice view to the north:

Sunday, January 14th.
Not quite as cold today.  Only -5.

Anyway, here's Nylin getting set up:

Art all cozy:

Randy, Rich and Jim finally made it up sunday:

And here are a few pix Rich sent from their last day on the lake:

Nice rainbow there, Jim:

Another one for Randy: