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Ice Fishing 2006

So I suck. 
Everyone but me caught fish.  Oh well.  It was fun anyway.

Sorry about the lack of quality on these pictures.  I forgot my digital camera, among other things, so I had to scan the prints. 
The scanner just doesn't do the pictures justice.

First day, Millsite.  Bright, sunny day, a cool (cold) breeze now and then, but all in all, decent.

Yes, that's open water fingering out toward the middle there.

So is that.

But the ice is plenty thick where we are.

Nice reflection.

Next day, Huntington Reservoir. 

Mark was the only one to catch any fish that day. 
And yes, he caught a very nice Brown (20") along with a Tiger, which we forgot to take a picture of.

Nice view of the lake

Day three, back at Millsite.

Snow moving down from the mountains

Hey Terri!  Look how close Mark is to the open water!  Not to mention the thin ice around that spring to his right!

The gang

Snow is here

Josh's catch on day three

Snow behind us...

Snow in front

At the family dinner saturday evening