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Ice Fishing 2005

Another year of fabulous fishing on Millsite reservoir near Ferron. 
Click on thumbnails for bigger pic.  I can send the original Hi-rez pics if you send me an email.

Trig and Mike

Kodiak Mark back again.

Thornton makes an appearance too.

Jim is wide awake.

"Here fishy-fishy."

"Let's get this party started!"

Ahh.  There's one.

Mike having "The Perfect Day".

A whopper.


Mark lands one.

And I land another.

Mark H. in a daze.

Mark lands another.

Now it's Mike's turn.

Then Trig.

Now Josh.

Thornton again?

The crowd.

More of the crowd.

Our backdrop.

James having a ball.

Art all settled in.

Dog sledding.

They're 13 to 14-1/4  inches.

Deb enjoying things.

Tizzy and some of the brood.

"Where's the lake?"

Deb and Lisa pause for a pose.

More dog sledding.

Art doing some coaxing.

Snack time.