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Ice fishing 2004.

So here finally, are the pictures. 

But first, here's the story.  We left town thursday January 15th, and got to Castledale that evening around 4.  Friday we fished Joe's Valley, where the fishing wasn't bad (still better that the best day at work), but has been better.  The water is still way too low.  The temp wasn't too bad (~17*), a little cloudy but not too cold.

Saturday, we fished Millsite in Ferron.  Temp was about 8*, with some wind.  That was cold.  But the sun came out and the wind died down eventually.  fishing was a little livelier at Millstie, but no real trophies.

All together that weekend, we probably caught among us about 100 trout.  We only kept a few of the bigger ones and when we got home that sunday, cooked them up on the grill.  Excellent.

Rich and Jim stayed an extra day, and fished Joe's Valley again with about the same results as friday.  Art, Charles, James etc., fished Millsite again sunday and had some more good luck there.  I hear Art set a record with 6 fish instead of the usual 0-1.

So, on to the pics.  The first few are taken at Joe's Valley:

Tommy expressing his approval.


Tommy Jr. expressing his thirst.


Tommy looking for the glory hole.


Josh posing.


Jim wandering and Rich waiting.


Jim forgot something.


Tommy's first catch of the day.


Now it's Josh's turn.


And Tommy Jr. catches a nice one.


Your gracious host posing.


A herd of deer crossing the ice behind WIlly.


Tommy Jr. taking a nap.


'Kodiak Mark' taking it easy.


It's too dark for Willy up here.


Josh with one of his catch.


Here's a couple more.  Cut-bow on the left, cutthroat on the roght.


Once again, Mike and Trig being unsociable.  Near the hole where Mike had to throw back a nice 21" rainbow.


Jim breaks his chair and now reclines on the snow.




Just a nice view of the south end of the lake.


And the 'Ice Fall' again.

Tommy and Josh.


What a gang.  (Pinch).


Now we're at Millsite reservoir:

Willy getting set up.


Tommy has an alien trout popping out of his chest.


Mike and Trig out (again) in the distance.


Rich's out....er I mean ICE house.


It's a 3-seater!


Charles knitting his fishing line.


Art drilling, with Kim et al in the background.


Too dark again for Willy.


Mark wandering around after it warmed up.


Too warm for Rich.  Josh in anticipation.


Charles and James busy.


Lisa, Deb and Tizzy showed up with the rest of the kids.


Deb staggering around. 


Tizzy and Roman.


Dave chillin.


Yah yah yah.  Whatever.


Mike ang Trig again.  Over yonder.


Tommy chillin'.


Tommy Jr. with his catch.


Supper time at the mexican buffet.





Driving in the fog on the way home through the Salina area.




Ice fishing '04, trip 2.

So then then the first weekend of March, Rich and I go to Castledale again to pick up the elk meat from the elk Mark H. had shot for me.  We decide to make a trip of it and go fishing one of the days.  So, we leave bright and early saturday the 6th, and get to Castledale around 2 pm.  Sunday was great for fishing.  Temps got up to about 55*.  So warm I decided (well, accidently) to go for a swim.  Yup, I wasn't paying attention and slipped into the ice hole I was fishing.  Below are some more good pics, with some before and after pictures of the ice hole. 

But it was so warm out that even after going swimming, I didn't bother taking the wet clothes off.  Just a quick change of socks and I was good for the rest of the day.


So we're there.


Nice view, I take a picture of the mountain.  The dark spots are springs bubbling up from below.


So while I'm drilling a hole,


Rich catches a nice one.  First one of the day.


Here's a glory hole we were fishing out of.  The portion closest to the bottom, the larger round, is where I was fishing.  It's also where I slipped in.  The dark ice around the perimeter is only maybe an inch thick.  The lighter ice is about 2 feet.


Here's what it looks like after the swim.


For reference, there's the ramp.


Again for reference, turn south 90*.  There's a point


And for a north reference.


Here's my catch of the day.


Charles lands a decent one.


Art's new shanty. 


Art and James.


Rich catching some rays.


Oh!  The glare!


Charles looking for some more action.