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Let me thank news2news for a bunch of enlightenment into running Windows API stuff from VFP.


How to integrate VFP and Windows API.  Now a pay site.


My Stuff:


Ftp Client

The link below is the FTP client form I have developed.  It isn't totally refined, more like a work in progress.  It is a great learning experience though.  Feel free to download it and play with it.  There are no 'callbacks', so you won't see any progress bars.  But as a result, you will have really fast download and upload speeds.  Also, I have added Delete, Rename and Download functionality via a Right-click menu on the host files listbox.  Newest addition, Right-click Delete, Rename and Upload menu functionality on local files list box, as well as double-click edit on local, and double-click download/edit on remote.  The currently selected local folder is where the downloaded/edited file will be stored.

FtpClient.ZIP        Version 2.0 - updated 12/05/2005.



This zip file is a VFP version of NETSTAT.  Or rather more specifically, NETSTAT -e -s and NETSTAT -n.  It shows network statistics for TCP/IP protocol, including UDP, ICMP, IP,...., and active connections.  Just unzip the form and run it from VFP.  The first page shows statistics, the second page shows connections.  It can be set to poll every 0-30 seconds. 

vNetStat.ZIP        Version 1 - updated 05/09/2003.


VFP Telnet Client

Another little project I was doing, is a Telnet client.  The link below is a .zip file of a VFP form, which will connect to a Telnet server using the Winsock control (.ocx).  It is also a good learning tool I believe.  Just input the host and if necessary, the port number.  Click 'Connect' and if there is a Telnet server available, it will connect.  You can then use the text box just below to enter text, and press the key or click the 'Send' button.  There has been no prettying up like formatting or whatever, so your received text may not be pretty.  However, it can be modified to suit your needs, or the code implemented into your app for Telnet communications.  Just remember, it was made by me so don't sell it as yours.

vTelnet.zip        Version 1.5 - updated 09/19/2003


Client-Server Control

This .zip file contains a form for a test interface to a mainframe app I wrote.  It is just for establishing communications and polling settings or configuration of the host app.  It also will list connections to that host app.  It can be tweaked to send whatever command to a host and add the response to the listbox.  If nothing else, it is a decent demo of the MSWinsock control.




Haven't you always wanted a English->Piglatin translater that you could integrate into your own apps?  Well here it is.  Just pass it a character string and it will display a piglatin result.  There is also a translation form included.  Put some text in the first box and it will be translated into the second:

piglatin.zip    Updated 08/25/2003.


Conversion Functions

Here is the .ZIP file containing the conversion functions as referenced in my FAQ on Tek-Tips.com  These functions will convert Decimal (base 10) to any base between binary and hex.  They will also convert hex->dec, bin->dec, dec->BCD etc.  For a better explanation, go to www.tek-tips.com to the FAQ section, and select "Conversion Functions: Dec,Hex,Binary,Oct Back and Forth   faq184-4461" in the 'Useful Functions and Procedures' section.:


Dave's Bar & Garage Brewing Recipe Filer

My latest personal project, a home brew recipe filer.  Here is the .zip file for the VFP 7 executables.  I will post just the executables here for anyone to play with.  One of these days, after I get the project cleaned up a little, I will post all the code and forms.  If you dont have VFP 7 installed, go ahead and download the full version.  Both versions are free (at least for now) and both include some sample recipes I have used and critiqued. 

Dave's Bar & Garage Brewing Recipe Filer: 

Full install including runtimes:  Recipe.exe    12,330KB    Last Updated: 02/05/2005

Executables, images and tables only:   Beer.zip   1,024KB     Last updated: 02/05/2005

The complete recipe install was updated 02/05/2005 fixing some minor flaws.  I have updated Beer.zip with the same .EXE, so if you don't want to download the entire install file again, you can just download the .zip and extract Beer.exe from it. 


Winsock Chat / Communication Utility

This .zip file contains a client/serve type chat utility.  It is mostly a demo of connecting multiple clients to a server.  There are two forms named uuuhhhh.... Client and Server.  The server runs on a computer, and as more client forms are instantiated either on the same or a remote computer, the server creates new instances of the sub-classed Winsock control to accept new connections.  These connections remain instantiated as long as the server is running, and disconnect as each client disconnects, but the same sockets remain available for future client connections.  Make sense?  If not, just run the server, then run multiple copies of the client.  You will see it in the status labels. 

Extract all the files in the .zip to the runtime directory, then execute a DO FORM Server from the command window.  After that, execute a DO FORM Client from the command window for as many clients as you want.  I have had 100 clients running at the same time before.  File under "How to bring your computer to its knees".



StatusBar Active-x Demo

You want more from a status bar than what comes natively with VFP.
There is a status bar Active-x control, but it isn't the most user friendly, nor is the documentation all that swell.  Par for the Active-x course.  I wanted to use one in an app I'm developing and also, there have been several questions posted on status bars. 

So if you just want to use a status bar on your form, drop one on there, right click and select 'SBarCtrl Properties'.  Click on Panels and make your panels look how you like.  You can add text, key status (CTRL, CAPS, etc.).  TooTips, pictures and so on.
Fine.  That's all well and good, but other than keyboard status, folks usually want different messages displayed, or other GUI things.  Programmatically.  That's what this demo is about.

This .zip file contains the demo referred to in the FAQ section of  the Tek-Tips VFP 3.0 and greater forum:  'How do I use the StatusBar Active-x Control'  It contains the form, class, bitmaps and so on, which are used for the demo.


Open File Lister
This is an app I found a need for, and granted, there are probably already a hundred or so open file listers out there, but not written using VFP! 
Besides, they all want money.  So here is one I wrote. 
The limitations: 

  • It only works on server files, not local.  Do you have any idea how many files handles already in use open on your local computer?  To many to make it worth the trouble of this API set to track down.
  • You must be an Admin or equivilent.  Why?  Because you can also close open file handles.
  • Error reporting.  It only reports the error number if it is a system error.  Look it up.

So anyway, download it and see what you think.  Just don't sell it.
Code credit goes to Eric den Doop at www.foxite.com, and a thread from www.tek-tips.com

The shithead admins made me delete the zip file so email me if you need it. We'll figure it out from there.

DZPATCH.EXE   (Freeware)

Every now and then, someone needs this thing to fix the "Divide by Zero" error reported on computers having a cpu faster than 333mhz.  It's not that easy to find on the 'net anymore, so I'm just going to post it here.  Have at it.  All it takes to run it is to put it in the directory where FOXPROW.EXE or FOX?????.ESL is.  Then, AFTER MAKING A BACKUP, from a command window in that same directory, execute the command DZPATCH FOXPROW.EXE and DZPATCH FOXW2500.ESL (or whatever version of esl file you are using).  Running DZPATCH with no parameter displays the syntax.


These two files are MicroSoft 'sanctioned' files to accomplish the same thing.  From the Microsoft KB article: 

102893 PATCH: FoxPro 2.6a Patch Files for FoxPro 2.6

"The Patch_26.exe download contains a patch that can be applied to FoxPro 2.6a for Windows. The IPatchFP.exe download contains a version of the patch that is not version-specific, and can be applied to international versions of FoxPro for Windows for which the 2.6a version is not available."

They are both self-extracting archives.  So extract them and follow the procedures outlined in the readme AFTER MAKING A BACKUP, and you should be set.





Toolhelp is a more complete help file of functions contained in FOXTOOLS.FLL.  The makers of Fox had threatened all along that they could be discontinued at any time, but instead they started including them in VFP.  However, until they did we had to rely on FOXTOOLS, but the documentation was scant to say the least.  George Tasker wrote up a great help file on those functions, but it's hard to find any more.  I went ahead and put it here for those who need it but can't find it:


Win 32 Error Code Table

I always need to look up Windows error codes, so I made a table.  Maybe not a totally comrehensive list, but it helps.

CALL32 Zip

CALL32.ZIP is used for calling 32 bit DLLs from 16 bit environments. I personally have never used it, so I can't vouch for it. I have heard it may work with Foxpro Windows, but I'm not sure.


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NOTE:  These links are in no particular order such as preference, usefulness and so on.  They are only in the order they were added to my "Favorites" list. 


Tek Tips: - Discussion forums/threads.  Q/A.  FAQ's.  Humble opinions.  Not just Fox

FOXSTUFF: - Advice, tips, techniques and downloads for VFP Developers.

Universal Thread: - Forums, threads, articles, utilities...Not just Fox.

Virtual FoxPro Users Group: - Forums, threads links...

MSDN Visual FoxPro Home Page: - Take a guess.

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Foxite: - forum, articles, downloads, faq, links, chat area, store

Public - Fox FTP Site: - All sorts of Fox utilities/examples.

PlugSys xBase Tools: - FoxPro tools.

Ed Leafe Open Tech site: - Advice, tips, techniques and downloads for VFP Developers:

Neil's Foxpro Resources: - Lots of Fox resources.  Tools, utilities...

Old Fox stuff for sale: - Older FoxPro DOS and Windows software and manuals.

Experts exchange: - Forum for many tools.


FoxPro Products I chose to link to:

I can't deny adding links to any fellow Fox Folk! 


The Farber Consulting Group, Inc:  http://www.dFarber.com/Products/VRep.aspx

The Creator of VisualRep - Report and Query Engine


The Fishing Diary and Data Base: http://www.fishingdiary.com/

A fellow FoxPro'er.  Check out a cool fishing diary app written using 'legacy' FoxPro.

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