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And we're off!

It's time to get on the plane, almost.  First though, we must have a cocktail in the airport.

Deb and John looking thrilled.

As are Susan, Dave and Jackie.

So we get to L.A. and all cram into a room. 

Yes, it was cozy.

Here we are in Hell er, On Rodayo Drive

The gang, and a stranger who just wanted to be in the picture.

"HOLLYWOOOOO"  ('1941' movie reference).

The character are out.  For a price.

"What the...?"

Gee.  Wonder what jackie thinks of Celine?


Star Trek cast members.

Roy Rogers and Trigger's prints.

And The Duke.

Bubbles on Newport Beach.

Hi bird.

Under the pier.

Sunset refracted through the smog.

From a gorgeous sunset.

Ever see a guitar like this?