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To The Boat

We survived the cozy quarters and are heading for the boat.
 Here's Phill and Karen getting off the shuttle.

Squished again on the ride to the harbor.

All Abard!  First stop, refreshments.

Phhil and Karen looking thrilled.

John and Deb looking a little more thrilled.

Jackie and Dave looking ... something.

Kristen and Bob at the dinner table.

Susan, Mark and Dave on the favorite hangout - the bow.

Just a little sip.  Or six.

Terri is most excited to have her picture taken.

"It wasn't me!"

"La cucaracha...."

Yes, I'm playing a tambourine.  Shuddup.

The band.

Susan bustin' a move with some dude.

Huh?  I can't hear you.

And John is thinking "What in the hell?"

The view from our patio.

Nice long patio.

Another gorgeous sunset.

The gang waiting for dinner.  Obviously, Mark loves to dress up.  Notice the boat trophies we won? 

It's not polite to spit Deb.

That's better.

Is it ready yet?

See Mark?  Terri doesn't mind getting dressed up.

Looks like Karen and Phil don't either.

"The Pump" for winning our trophies at the trivia and Pictionary contests.

Ourr very nice waitress. 

One of the critters the steward would leave us.


From the bow.


You blinked first.  No you blinked first.

It wasn't me either.

"You cheated.  Go stand in the corner."

"Okay.  Can I come back now?"

"No.  Back to the corner."

"To hell with it then.  I'm going to sit at the bar."