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Cabin Progress 2007

Had a great gang up that weekend. Art, James, Carl, Keith and me were all working on the place. We got quite a bit accomplished and I am quite obliged for all their help.

April '04

WOOHOO!!! The cathedral ceiling is now textured!  And the fan is up.

Keith, Carl and James settling in getting ready for a rousing game of poker.

Art finally joins the gang.

Someone has to take the picture...

Got the shower door in the master bath too.

Second bedroom painting started.

Lunch break. 
That's the sofa I made out of logs felled from the lot to clear the area to build.

Kim and his helper came up to finish off the wiring.
Tat's the chair I made from the same logs.

Check out that T&G flooring.

Another picture of the fan - in action - and the textured ceiling.

APPLIANCES!!! AND CABINETS!!!  We don't have to cook on the campstove and wash the dishes in the bathroom sink anymore! 
The cabinets aren't 'finished' yet, so check back to see their final finish.

Another angle

Water heater door.  I know, big deal.

Okay.  Here is an update from a couple weeks later.  I had Ed's help this time:

First coat of paint on the cabinets.

Ceiling painted too.

Brown base coat under the barnwood.

Nice day out!

That's  about it for the snow.

May '06

So the hallway is finally done now.

Wood on the front of the loft

Stairs are done.  I saved the 'bluest' of the spruce T&G flooring for the stairs.

Looking down the stairway

Flooring in the loft

Bedroom almost done. 

Nice flooring, huh?

The other bedroom almost done too.

Jackie's crinkle finish on the cabinets.

Nice moon

With Venus

The neighbors pop by for a quick visit

June '07

Aspen T&G on the walls

Front too.

Just need some trim.

July '07

T&G on the kitchen walls, and spiffy light.

Got some trim done around the bedroom.

'Nuther picture of the kitchen walls.

More neighbors stopping by for dinner.



Finally! A handrail!

Trim around the windows and ceiling done.