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This page has some of my favorite home brew links.  I have my own homebrew recipe filer which I developed using Visual Foxpro 7.  There is also some entertaining stuff towards the end of the page, so scroll on down.

Dave's Bar & Garage Recipe Filer:

This is my latest project, a homebrew recipe filer.  It's an evolving project, so it's not perfect.  It is rather simple, easy to use and basic.  Some of the included features:

  • Bright, clear interface
  • Plenty of room for brewing logs and notes
  • Farenheit / Celcius converter
  • Color gauge slide for a visual representation of color
  • Recipe printing
  • Label preview and printing on standard Avery 5164, 5577 and 5384 label stock
  • Use your own artwork for labels (.BMP, .GIF, .JPG)
  • Change sort order; date, name etc.
  • Ability to clone a recipe as a new one for a completely new brewing session

  • Free

That's right, it's free.  I didn't draw all the cool images, and I ain't trying to make any money off of this project.  At least yet.  If I decide to, I'll draw my own artwork.  For now though, this is mostly entertainment.  Useful entertainmnet. 

Maybe one of these days I'll get around to adding more advanced features, if the demand is ever there, but for now just download it and play with it.   It's a little on the large size for downloading, but it includes all the run-time files and some of my sample recipes and logs.  Feel free to delete them. 

Download it here:  Dave's Bar & Garage Recipe Filer    12,330KB    Last Updated: 02/05/2005

Executables and tables only:   Beer.zip   1,024 KB Last Updated: 02/05/2005

The complete recipe install was updated 09/03/2003 fixing some minor flaws.  I have updated Beer.zip with the same .EXE, so if you don't want to download the entire install file again, you can just download the .zip and extract Beer.exe from it. 

Please let me know what you think, or if you have any problems and I'll try to work them out.  Send comments to hootervillesparky@yahoo.com

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Some good links

Southern Nevada Ale Fermenters Union : http://snafu.alfter.us

The only homebrewing club in Southern Nevada.


AustinHomeBrew:  http://www.austinhomebrew.com/

Supplies for beer, wine, soda....


brew - alpha-byte: http://www.alpha-byte.demon.co.uk/

How-tos, supplies...


Brew Your Own (BYO): http://www.byo.com/

Brew Your Own magazine.


Cat's Meow II:  http://www.totse.com/en/drugs/booze_the_legal_drug/alchmak.html

Truckloads of recipes.


The Cat's Meow WWW page:  http://www.realbeer.com/spencer/cats-meow/top_page.html

Basically, HTML version of above.


Brewing Glossary: http://www.bodensatz.com/homebrew/glossary.html

Yup.  Just what it says.

Another brewing glossary: http://realbeer.com/spencer/Digby-recipes/glossary.html

BrewingTechniques Online: http://brewingtechniques.com/

That one too.


How to Brew - By John Palmer: http://howtobrew.com/

Excellent 'Get Started' article.

A Beginner's Guide to Home Brewing: http://www.improvenet.com/a/beginners-guide-to-home-brewing 

Another how-to link request from a 'fan'.


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