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My junk

Here are pictures of furniture I have made or refinished.

Most of these I have made, the others I have refinished - or restored from the furniture graveyard.  I do the woodwork and metal work, including the hardware - hinges, hasps, bases and so on.
When you're done here, be sure and see the old sewing machine I rebuilt on the 'Sewing Machine Project' page here.
Of course, click on these thumbnails to see a larger version.

Let's start with the bookcase/video cabinet:

Here is the sofa table.  Never mind the boxes tucked under there.

Top view of the sofa table:

Next is the wrought iron coffee table and plant stand:

One of the two end tables with wrought iron base:

The other end table:

And although the lamps atop the end tables don't show up very well (I forgot to take good pictures of them), I made them too.

The coffee table with wrought iron base.  Cedar lined on the inside for blanket storage:

The t.v./remote table with wrought iron base to finish off the set:

Mother's old rocker I refinished:

The wood hearth:

Here is the new version of the video/component cabinet:

Solid oak 5 piece dinette set.  (Sounds like a commercial, eh?):

  Table top detail:

Breadbox, toothpick dispenser, granite counter tops, pine trim.  Yes, I had a lot of help with the tile:

An old secretary I refinished:

Some picture frames:

The bar in the gameroom.  Storage area underneath:

Top view of the bar:

Front view:

End view:

Detail of bartop and coasters:

Game room shutters

Pool que rack (Before the paint job):

Pool que rack (After the paint job):

Pool que case storage:

Jackie's Goo Goo Dolls memorabilia display:

Slot machine stand:

Jack and Jill chair:

Tabletop between the Jack and Jill chairs detail:

Mission style nightstand:

Matching headboard:

Grandma's dressing table I refinished:

The matching chest-of-drawers:

Computer desk:

Matching credenza. 
The camera doesn't show it, but it has the same finish as the desk:

Jacob's ladder (Yes, it works.  12,000 volts):

A restored vanity:

Clothes hamper. 

How many people have a solid oak and metal clothes hamper, huh?

Patio table:

Patio table end view:

Patio table, again:

A table I made for the family reunion:

From the back:

With a Scarlett O'Hara doll someone made:

Rocking chair:

Rocking chair detail:

This was all done over a period of about 15 years.  Look for new stuff if I ever get around to it.
That's it for now, so go see the 'Sewing Machine Project' page here.

Here is the latest project.  It's a footlocker for my niece Deb:

I think she likes it.

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